License Information

Last update: November 2019

This is a license agreement between you and Mundurucu Publishers that explains how you can use photos, illustrations and vectors (individually and collectively, “content”) that you license from Mundurucu Publishers. By downloading content bought from Mundurucu Publishers, you accept the terms of this agreement.


How can I use licensed images?

  • a) Almost all images can be used Royalty-Free at your own desire but not for Resale. You can use them perpetual, worldwide and unlimited and for any and all media. For Resale online or offline, unless you have a customized license.
  • b) You do not have exclusive rights to use the images. Mundurucu Publishers can license the same images to other customers. Exclusive licenses are not available.
  • c) Customized license: License for resale for a certain image can be obtained. You will receive an uncompressed image in tiff format clear of an invisible digital watermark. Use the contact form for information to request for a customized license.