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The Mundurucú Indians were one of the fiercest tribes of the Central Amazon. Their relentless resistance against the Portuguese invaders is the reason they are one of the few native tribes that have survived. They now live as a peaceful tribe on the shores of the Tapajós River in Brazil.
During the time of the discoveries the ‘New Worlds’ became a major attraction for explorers, adventurers, conquerors, envoys, traders and missionaries. Many of them gave us vivid and beautiful descriptions of the natives, their manners and their customs.
However, their discovery and interaction with the people of the “Old World” also meant that the lives of the natives changed dramatically. Kingdoms disappeared, old customs vanished. Our mission is to share this information and to preserve the heritage of the vanishing tribes.


Frequently asked questions




1Where do all the images come from?
  • All images come from either a private collection or are donated by researchers, anthropologists, libraries and museums who support the initiative of Mundurucu.
  • A list of all contributors will appear soon on the Mundurucu website.
2Why do I have to pay for the images?
  • Mundurucu needs a minimal amount to sustain the website, for research and digitizing.
  • All images are intensively edited and made ready for you to use directly on your website, in your book, et cetera.
  • Mundurucu aims to keep prices as low as possible and tries to be at least 90% cheaper, whilst better in quality, than similar images to be found at for example Getty Images.
  • Most prices vary between $0 and $35. Although some images can be more than $50 because 3rd parties demand a higher license fee.
3How can I obtain any of the images of Mundurucu?
  • Just click on the desired image and you will see a larger image watermark protected.
  • Click on the desired link below the image.
  • If there is no link to be found the image is not yet available.
  • You will be directed to Payloadz where you can pay and even buy more images.
  • After payment you will receive a download link.
  • When buying a Vector image, you will receive a folder with two images. One is a vector image and one is a high-resolution jpg image.
  • All images are 300 dpi, ± 12 Mega pixels and jpg compressed at high quality.
  • All images are protected by an invisible watermark.
  • Images can be used freely at your desire but are not intended for Resale, online or offline. Please check our license policy (linkje) for more information.
  • For resale please contact Mundurucu for prices and conditions.
4Can I sell or share my images at Mundurucu?
  • Yes, you can upload tribal images to Mundurucu.
  • Use the contact form. Link to contact form.
  • Images have to be original tribal images or photographs.
  • Images can be of native people, tattoo or tribal designs, carvings or other objects of a tribe, people or a culture.
  • Provide as much information as you can about these images, such as date, artist. And of course, any copyright information if needed.
  • If you do not have any background information, we will help you to find out.
  • Decide on a price between $0 and a maximum of $75. Prices have similar to ones on the Mundurucu website.
  • You will receive 50% of any sale on your PayPal account. I you do not have a PayPal account you should open one. It is free and easy to set up. Link to PayPal.
  • Mundurucu will only use PayPal to transfer money. No other methods are possible.



    1What are the eBooks of Mundurucu?
    • The eBooks or ePubs are image-books of specific tribes or cultures.
    • Each eBook contains at least 80 pages, with a two-page introduction, a map and between 70 to 100 original images.
    • Go to our Library for a preview and more information.
    2In what languages can I get these eBooks?
    • You can buy the eBooks in English, French, German, Dutch and soon, in a Spanish version.
    3Where can I get the eBooks or ePubs made by Mundurucu?
      Depending your e-reader you can obtain these books by the following re-sellers:
    • If you have a Kindle device go to
    • If you have an iPad, iPhone or any Mac go to the iTunes Store.
    • If you just require just an ePub format go to.
    4What is the format of the Mundurucu eBooks?
    • All eBooks by Mundurucu are fixed format ePub (3.0).
    • They are perfectly designed for tablets, desktop computers, iPads and any Mac.



      1Are there more tribes coming?
      • Yes, Mundurucu has thousands of images that still need to be assigned to cultures.
      • Join us if you want to be informed on updates of Mundurucu.
      2What if I have unique information on a tribe?
      • Great! Do you want to share it? Upload it using the Contact Form.
      • For more information on how to upload and pricing see Images?